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Referring us and helping us grow comes with it's own award — for YOU !

Our Studio Referral Award Program

As a young, fast-growing studio, we know that every company, cause, and platform has different intentions and beliefs, requiring unique execution. We provide solutions tailored to your personal philosophy; culminating in strong and individualistic visuals that set you apart from the competition.

We believe that —

“Collaboration leads to Innovation.”

We are an ambitious studio, ever-curious to achieve the unexpected, and always looking to expand into new sectors of potential clients. Connecting with different companies, suppliers, and creative minds is key to what we offer.

With this, we are always excited to extend our network and meet new people.

If you refer us to a business that has the intention of beginning a new venture, Splendid Projects will award you an 8.00% referral bonus of the project cost upon completion.

This referral bonus payment can be made directly, or as a credit toward your own upcoming project. If you have ideas for future projects for neighbouring companies / platforms, or have any questions regarding this award program, please don't hesitate to contact us.

hello@splendidprojects.ca @splendidprojects 437 . 361 . 2722
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