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Just a little bit

About Us —

Specializes in —

Custom murals, installations, large-format artworks, illustrations, branding & identity projects, as well as industrial design & graphic design-related projects. Often working in a variety of styles.

Where we are —

Our studio is located in Canada, in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Mural / Installation projects are primarily focused within Ontario. However, we are always open to discussing national or global projects if specifications allow us to do so.

Our talents are well-versed in many forms of imagery; including abstract geometry, illustrative typography, detailed line work, and photo-realistic renditions. Our extensive custom process and large network of creative talent is what makes this possible and sets us apart from other studios. We put emphasis on research and immersion. In understanding the connection between location and history, we find it easier to create effective visuals that resonate with your intended community, appealing to both customers and clients alike. Communication is key. We develop a quick rapport by starting with a series of thumbnails and analog sketches. This begins the conversation, leading to the development of a truly memorable design — one that clients themselves have "had a hand in" to help bring to life. From our initial sketches, we create vector designs (digital representations), which are further developed and refined into a final rendition. By going from analog to digital, we retain a connection to the medium, giving a greater sense of scale and balance to the overall piece.

We assemble a team of handpicked creatives and producers specific to the needs of the project. In this manner, we are able to ensure that those working on your project are best suited to each individual design and execution. Our focus is not only to provide stunning visual solutions — but to also enhance the relationships of all involved: between people and spaces, businesses and customers, the creatives and their work. We firmly believe that our projects are not just pretty pieces — they are exceptional additions to one’s spatial narrative, becoming extensions of Interior Design and the spaces they inhabit. They are integral to branding and serve as effective tools to increase traffic and sales — in person and, more than ever, through social media marketing. toronto mural flowers

So, here's a little breakdown

What we do — Murals, Installations, & Large Format Artwork Projects

Custom murals, installations, and large artworks do not necessarily have to be placed on walls! Here's a set of many other ways they can be implemented into your space —

Ceilings Flooring (resin sealed) Along bars / Workspaces On the side of cabinets / storage doors / appliances Along tabletops / countertops Elevators interiors / elevator doors Along escalators Window displays / in window bays / on glass surfaces Inside stairwells / along stairs to form a composition Interior walls

Along fences / dividers, etc. On decks / patio surfaces (resin sealed) Exterior walls / swimming pools Parking garages / parking spaces / focal walls in parking garages Custom designs to re-purpose old furniture / antiques Custom design for installation / structural pieces ( 3D laser cut panels & painted)

In addition to murals, we design, develop and produce custom artwork on hung wooden / metal panels. We also do custom wallpaper designs (where the digital files are supplied for your production / installation).

Illustration Projects

As a design studio, we hold illustration in special regard, as it is an opportunity for creative expression. As such, we enjoy incorporating custom illustrations into our projects. We have a versatile range of aesthetic styles within our roster; therefore we can work in any style imaginable. Our illustration work begins with thumbnail sketches. From there, we collaborate with our clients to select and refine renderings that then culminate into a characterful piece suitable for any type of product. Be it print or web, marketing or advertising campaigns, social media or app use, packaging, wallpaper, wayfinding, signage, murals, and more.

Branding / Identity Projects

This is where the studio built its foundation. Our Founder, Spencer Williamson, is a top-tier branding designer with over 9 years of experience under his belt. He primarily specializes in custom typography / lettering, logo identity design, and working with clients to strengthen their brand. Our branding projects begin with understanding your company's sense of purpose. Our deliverables serve to build a comprehensive identity, crucial to setting your company apart from the competition. This ensures optimal reach, impact, and long-term success. All of our branding projects go through our engineered 5-Stage Process to ensure a visually effective and unified end result.

toronto mural drinks

What other services do we offer?

Art Direction Industrial Design Environment/ Space Design Packaging Design & Layout Poster Design

Album Cover Design Alcohol Branding / Package & Label Design

Private Commissioned Artworks Project Direction Consulting Partner — Sourced Motion Graphic Design

For us, it's all about

The Process

All of our projects go through our custom 5-Stage Process as follows —

1Project Research / Narrative / Direction / Mood Boards / Rough Analog Sketches & Swatches Experimentations / Rough Colour & Pattern Systematics

2Analog Sketches / Analog Engineered Renderings ( to scale ) / Iterations & Structural Refinements

3Digital Renderings / Refinements

4Final Touches to Approved Design

5Project Production / Painting / Physical Construction

toronto mural business toronto mural process

As proud producers, only the very best quality for you, always! —


Our painted murals are produced with top market quality acrylics, that are made to stand the test of time. For exterior projects, all our paints are outdoor graded to protect against UV light, temperature, and harsh weather conditions. They are also resistant to natural wear and tear. These paints, once dried and cured, are close to indestructible, making regular cleaning and maintenance a breeze. For extra protection, a variety of hardy sealants can be applied. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas, ground / flooring murals, and extreme environments, thus protecting your mural for years to come. We custom formulate colours used in all our projects, and keep these custom colour formulas on hand. If you happen to require a touch-up at any point, we have the exact shade to match.

Beyond Paint

As we expand into 3-dimensional work and installations, the broad world of materiality is entirely within reach. We select the best materials suitable to your project, and are happy to discuss specific requirements and requests. We often work with wood to create custom 3D laser-cut murals, large artworks, installations, and sculptural projects. This technology is capable of combining 2D mural concepts with sculptural and installation projects seamlessly, bringing a flat design fully to life. We are currently exploring design & production around custom projects using plastics, metals, and ceramics (that studio partner, Quinlan Mantynen, is spearheading and very excited for), which allows us to create artful pieces with functional applications. We push ourselves to be adventurous — to surprise our clients by working with mediums they have never dreamed of or thought possible. Want the installation to be made entirely from handcrafted flowers? Well — you got it. A 20-foot jigsaw puzzle made entirely of the world’s finest yarn? No problem. Every material challenge is an opportunity for creativity and novel design — which we thrive on.

toronto mural family

Our Splendid Family

We are a small open-concept studio, with a core studio team that works hard to bring your vision to life. We offer our clients a wide network of dedicated local designers, artists, and producers — directed by the core Splendid team. Our creatives are primarily located within the Greater Toronto Area, select parts of Ontario, Montreal, New York City, and the United States. We thank all of the members of our studio family here at Splendid Projects, but would like to feature two key leaders at the studio — Spencer Williamson & Quinlan Mantynen

Spencer Williamson —

Founder / Lead Designer / Project Art Director /

Chief of Client Acquisition & Management

To put it simply, his life and journey through his Art / Design career has been the furthest thing from a straight line — in the best way possible. Spencer has over 17 years of customer relations experience, and a successful Design / Art career spanning just over a decade. He specializes in a wide range of illustration styles, lettering, typography, and large format artworks (custom murals, paintings, and signage), not to mention his top specialization in unique branding identity work. His ambition and love for his craft continually drives him to level up his work and his ability to art direct – with an aim to push the envelope with every project. His two main focuses include entering nouveau mediums and forms of visual craft, and to serve as the intermediary between creatives, companies, and platforms. With his business and clientele experience, he seeks to guide and form opportunities for all ranges of creative teams or persons – from young & beginning to industry renown. Spencer founded Splendid Projects with the intent of the studio becoming a longstanding multi-faceted icon, specializing in offering as many forms of visual craft as possible. All in good time — of course — while having the best times.

Our “5 in 5” series is a collection of 5 fun questions we constructed to our team, as interesting pieces of information to learn about them, where they only had 55 seconds to answer each of them — ENJOY!


1 ) Favourite Musical Album of all time?

LED ZEPPELIN ( 1969 ) Led Zeppelin


MOTHERSHIP (2007) Led Zeppelin

2 ) Favourite Art / Design tool, material, or piece of equipment, and why?

H PENCIL — Faber & Castell

H pencil is an extension to my right hand, as it is to my eyes and my brain. The H pencil to be exact, as, in my opinion, it has the perfect balance of clarity as it has sharpness — allowing easy drafting, writing, sketching and full on analog illustrating / rendering. Also, it comes in handy as a guide marker for murals and large format artwork on the right mediums.

3 ) Favourite genre or style of Art / Design you are not in, but are influenced by most, and why?


Its history, versatility, wide range of styles, its openness to nouveau and exploratory intentions, mindsets, and even opinions. How it is needed in every sector / industry of society, and even in the same industries, it can carry similarities but vast differences dependent on its geographical and cultural location. Its need for incredible precision, creativity, and perfect balance between form and purpose with it being functional and inanimate, while appearing very organic, kinetic, and full of life — telling its own story.

4 ) Which natural element fascinates you most, and why?


Vast, open, limitless and limiting all at the same time — its gifts / opportunities can also be its restrictions / limitations. It sets boundaries on life restrictions / limitations. It sets boundaries on life and on Art / Design Projects, being one of my favourite adversaries / challenges to a project. There is infinite numbers of ways to design the same space, but only so many effective ones - and even fewer brilliant ones.

5 ) Your personal favourite color combination?



Warm Off White

Quinlan Mantynen —

Design and Production Associate — Product Specialist

If you're going to do something, do it right. Having pushed this mantra in every creative facet that's piqued his interest, Quinlan is a driven designer with a broad range of skills in fabrication, effective communication, and problem-solving. Having earned a Bachelor of Design with a specialization in Industrial Design from OCAD University in 2019, Quinlan is well-versed in dealing with a diverse scope of materials. Metals, plastics, and acrylics are all familiar friends. As a result, no two projects are the same. Quinlan’s interests are wide-ranging. An award-winning painter with over two decades of experience, he has worked in miniature, en masse, and on large format works. His personal work favours small details, geometric design, and bold colour combinations, resulting in eye-catching pieces with visual balance. CAD work and photography are additional passions; however, he finds the most joy in creating works from the Earth itself — ceramics. At Splendid Projects, Quinlan brings these specialties to every part of the creative process. Whether it is by combining materials in novel ways (through functional products or large-scale centerpiece installations), or facilitating a seamless, memorable client-customer experience built on creative growth, he hopes to take Splendid Projects to new heights and dimensions.


1 ) Favourite Musical Album of all time?


2 ) Favourite Art / Design tool, material, or piece of equipment, and why?


Methodical but creative, instant mirrored impact, you see the essence of what you're doing to the work, but never the final static form while working.

3 ) Favourite genre or style of Art / Design you are not in, but are influenced by most, and why?


Post Rock instrumental especially. The flow of emotion in pure acoustic form is mesmerizing. Paired with wailing guitar, feedback loops, and smashing drums, it's the drive of inspiration and motivation. Performances themselves are often transcendent experiences where the music has a chance to speak for itself - as all art should.

4 ) Which natural element fascinates you most, and why?


Besides being a key component of ceramics, natural rock tells a story of the Earth and beyond. The original essence of "space stuff," it shows wear, age, facets, edges, and can become a tool in it's own right if properly treated. From pits to striations, it's like reading a face millennia old.

5 ) Your personal favourite color combination?


We're here for you, excited to get acquainted with your space, learn about your industry, brainstorm with you and your team, and hopefully - make some magic !

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