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2022 Updated Generalized Project Pricing Guide

Industry Standard, flexible dependent on project scope, timeline & clientele budgets —

All of our projects go through our custom 5-Stage design, development, and production process.

All Projects are flexible in rates and pricing — in Agreement with the client and the studio, Splendid Projects.

Please note — All projects need to go through our assessment in detail for exact project costs. The following is a generalized Pricing Calculation Tool to approximate pricing for your project.

Studio Hourly Rate — Design Process of Project — Our Custom 5-Stage Design Process

These rates are for the complete design and development of all projects. They are subject to negotiation between client and studio.

Min - Mid Tier Projects ( Small - Medium Sized Projects ) 1 — 2 Creatives per project =

$95.00 / HOUR

Top Tier Projects ( Large / Complex / Collaborative Sized Projects ) Full Team Project ( 3 — 9 ) Creatives per project =

$170.00 / HOUR — $610.00 / HOUR

Mural / Installation — Small / Simple Projects / Rush Timeline Projects

These rates are approximated and subject to negotiation between client and studio.

These Projects are only valid within the Tier 1 + Tier 2 Range in size ( 0 — 1000 SQFT ), with simpler composition and design, spanning a maximum of 5 days in Design / Preparation time, and 10 days in Painting / Production ( totalling 15 days maximum ).

Painting / Production Day rate ( 1 - 2 Painters / Producers ) =

$855.00 / DAY + Materials

Each Extra Painter / Producer / Day

$525.00 / DAY

Project Design / Preparation Cost ( $95.00 / HOUR)

$855.00 — $4,275.00

toronto mural philosophy

Mural / Installation & Large Custom Artwork Projects

We have developed our Pricing Structure for these Projects into a 7 - Tier System. The following shows a ballpark Pricing of what a Project may cost per Tier. As a Studio, for this category of Project(s), we have a minimum project cost of $4,000.00, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon, from Client and Studio. This Category of Projects is separate from "Small / Simple / Rush Timeline Projects). We as a studio believe in true transparency and easy - to understanding Project Pricing Structures. For this reason, the Pricing of all of our Projects in this Category are made up of 3 key "ingredients" —

Creating memorable, effective projects, solutions, and relationships © 2022 Splendid Projects

NOTE For "Design / Art Direction" & "Material Cost (Range)" "(+)" represents the possibility of higher costs dependent on project requirements, complexity of design, materials or equipment, delivery costs, and the size of the design team (internal / external, and contracted specialists / installers if needed). This range also includes pricing for machinery (lifts / etc.) if required for the project.